Friday, March 13, 2009

Life Is Like Riding In A Roller Coaster

Things have been happening one after another to me this year. Not good things but lousy things. Anyway when bad things go, good things will follow suit. That is my philosophy. There is nothing to worry about.

Anyway, beginning this year, my 2nd sister has been calling and bugging me that this year is not a good year for me and I have to pray harder. She warn me to be careful and not to take risk, no investment, no lending money to others, no unnecessary spending, no gambling and blar, blar, blar…….. But I told her that our life is such that every year there is good and bad happening and some time roads get a little winding and tides get a little rough but that is the way that trained me up all these years.

Ah..ha.. Talking about gambling, that is proven. Every year during Chinese New Year, all my brothers and sisters will be in the mood for gambling. Every body is trying to fish the money from another person. I knew well in advance that my luck this year is not good for gambling but just for the sack of proving it I joined in the fun. And I paid a big price for the answer.

And things don’t just stop there. Recently a few more things happened and money was being fished out from my pocket due to that:

First, my car’s two side tyres were stolen right in front of Summit Shopping Centre housing area in a bright day light, where there are many passer by.

Second, my house auto-gate was out of order. I have changed the whole control panel before New Year and now the lightning strike on it and there goes my money again.

Third, one of my front teeth chips off. Luckily it didn’t cost me very much to paste it back but still some money gone out of my pocket.

Forth, today my son who is under 21 years old was driving and met with an accident. It was a chain accident involving 4 cars, and his was the last to ram into the car in front of him. Now I have to pay out of my pocket RM400.00 to the insurance company because my son is underage and RM300.00 for traffic offence.

Fifth, I dropped my phone accidentally and now I need a new phone.

Sixth, something valuable was stolen from my house by some one which I suspected is the cleaner. I cannot confirmed because I don't have the proof. I have sounded it out to show that I knew my thing is missing and that I am aware of it.

Anyway things always happen for a reason and my interpretation are:

1. For stolen tyres - I have to be more careful where to park my car in the future.

2. My auto gate - It gives me a reason to pay the worker in this difficult time.

3. My teeth chips off - Enjoy life, don’t rush, take time to slowly chew my food like I used to do.

4. Car accident: It is a good lessen for my son. I have told him that whenever he is in a hurry, don’t rush; and whenever he is sleepy, don’t drive. It is better late than never. Now I supposed he gets what I meant.

5. For my hand phone – It is a good excuse to have a new one.

6. For the stolen thing - Well, just keep the valuables away from the open. We are born with nothing and go with nothing. Life and health is most valuable.

Anyway, things happened everyday and not all the happenings are on the newspaper to warn us. For example my nephew’s car was stolen last week at Subang Jaya, right in front of the bank where he works; and there are kidnapping and road bullies that happen everyday. There were once some one ram into my car and worrying that I would ask him to pay because he was in the wrong, he came threatening me with a stick. The guy was really brainless and wasting space in this world.
Anyway, life is not as scarry as riding in the roller coaster. Oh! No? Not scary? To me riding roller coaster is like going to hell and back again.
I would prefer see saw!



Unknown said...

sad to hear that. How old is your son?

happy to know that you overcome all bad luck with positive manner. Wish you have good luck soon.

Sweet Jasmine said...

I do not have a good half year these past months and due to health problems a lump sum of money being spend on medical bills these days.

Tina said...

that is some bad luck there mate. sorry to hear about your son. hope he is recovering ok

Tekkaus said...

Ouh my God! I'm so sorry to hear that! Something really bad is really screwing up you huh! But worry not! Pray harder blah blah blah! Ha :D

foongpc said...

Well, it's good to see that you focus on the positive side of the supposedly bad or unlucky situations.

It's great you are doing this cos nothing is ever good or bad, it's just our interpretation of it.

Everything happens for a reason, and if something bad happens to you, there's something to learn from it and that's how we become wiser.

Furthermore, every bad thing also has a good side to it, so focusing on the positive side will ensure you ride through the tough times.

Besides, I always remind myself not to fight with life. Let the good and the bad come, let it just flow past and we just simply observe it, not judging or criticising or complaining.

Of course it's easier said than done, and I sometimes feel down and complain also, but I always try to bring myself back up because we know life is like a rollercoaster, as you said.

Ai-Ling said...

very true indeed that life is like a rollercoaster.

take care, molly. hopefully things will be better soon.