Saturday, October 15, 2011

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Went for a talk yesterday. Actually is a compulsory class to attend after we have gone through the tourist guide course. That is call 'Mesra Malaysia'. One of the student told us that 'mesra' in Indonesia, if use inappropriately it means wants 'sex'. Ha ha, just learn that, so I will never mention the word 'mesra' to any Indonesian, or their imagination might go wild or something else might happen, yeak!

Another student told us that he was once really badly humiliated by a customer during his previous job. He was working as a customer service of a company. One day a customer came and wanted to use the card issued by the company for points collection so he can use for future redemption. He was unable to used the card and got angry. Just because of that he got angry, can you imagine that? The student tried to explain to the customer with whatever excuses he can just to make him get off the fire on his head, but instead the customer scolded him and spit on his face.

Cases like that usually will lead to a fight either verbally or physically right? But the friend tolerated that. Before the customer left he took down the car number and later he tried to trace the car.

He was thinking of finding his car and punctured all his tyres, or remove all the four tyres, break the window...... But off course he was only thinking as no action was really taken later because he couldn't find the car at all.

For me, hmmm... what will I do?? I think I will shout as loud as I could and then find a hammer or anything I can get hold of and smash his car...... and throw the hammer at him......... and I will just walk away and tell him don't show up his face again, or else..... ok stop, stop, stop now or I will go vulgar.

I think the best way is just walk away let everything cool down and explain the situation. Don't fight, ok! There is a chinese saying '两虎相斗,必有一伤‘ 'two tiger fighting, there is one bound to get hurt badly'. I don't want to be hurt...

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Kid On The Block

I am back! I am back! I am back!

Wow, it has been some times since I last posted.

Remember I posted earlier saying that I went for a class and will be a new person soon? Actually I am still my old self, just that now I am working as a part time tourist guide.

To me, it is quite an interesting job actually. But if you are not a patience person and not some one who can tolerate nuisance or someone who enjoy guiding others, then this job is terrible.

To me, dealing with people is not an easy job at all. Just think of some people around us. Not all are that understanding and easy to please. Anyway, as long as I am staying in this job I have to learn to tackle the problem. I am sure after few years in this line, I will be able to handle all this like "Kacang putih" (peanuts). Haha, hopefully.

During the 4 months course, I learn lots of thing in more details about Malaysia and its people, cultures and traditions of other races, food, hotels, and lots of new places etc...

Being a tourist guide I have to observe dress code strictly. I have started to adjust to a new FASHION, which is long or short sleeve batik, collar shirt; long pant; socks and covered black shoes, which make me look like an 'Amah' (servant). The only different is their dress is white with black trouser. Luckily, although no coloured hair is allowed, make up is allowed, otherwise, I will look like a 'Keong xi' (Dracula).

Any 'Shi Fu' (master) guide out there who is willing to show me a few of your 'Kong Fu' secret, I will really appreciate that. Kow tow (bow) to you first!