Monday, January 25, 2010

Fried Banana

I had fried banana for tea today. It is crispy and so yummylicious.
It is very simple to make, I mean it is very easy to make it crispy. I learned this from my cousin sister when I visited her in Port Dickson during last Christmas holiday at PD, when 6 of us finished the whole big plate of fried banana she prepared at least enough for 15 people. We felt very embarassing because before she fried, all of us were saying that each of us will have one or two pieces because we had just taken our lunch.
So here is the simple way to fried banana:
For batter : Mixed Flour, little salt, sugar and water. Dip the banana, she use 'pisang nipah', in the batter and deep fry it till golden colour.
Here is the end result. Inside is soft and sweet while outside is crispy.

I had that with a cup of tea, how about you? Tea or coffee?

Monday, January 18, 2010

You May Be Interested To Meet Her

Email begin :

Dear Folks,

Please share this message with your relatives and friends .

Come this Jan 22 & 23, a very special living icon aged 112-years old will be in Penang to do a sharing (Talk cum Q&A).

Isn't it a wonder to live into 3 centuries and still be up - full of life still helping, attending and feeding the poor, aged, sick and the unfortunate (who are much younger than her)?

This is what we call "a living miracle" - someone whom you should not miss out on. Know her secrets of living a long, happy life filled with the joys of selfless service and unconditional love. For me, Sister Teresa brings back hope that old age (and our golden years) can still be filled with fun, hope and laughter.

Go to www.FOTDFellowship. Net to view her introductory video and register for either (or both of) Sis Teresa Hsu's events in Penang.

- FREE tickets to the 22 Jan Talk + Q&A are going fast. So Register now!- As for the 23 Jan Private Dinner, this is a dress-down session where we will have time and space with this super centenarian (to know her "up close and personal"). Take it from me, she's a darling at the dinner table ... a true entertainer which endless cheer, quick wits and laughter!

BE INSPIRED again about LIFE and Living from our beloved super centenarian! And if you have questions for Sister Teresa, you can post them online. Visit to www.FOTDFellowship. Net now!

With love and compassion,

Email ends.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Getting Ready for Chinese New Year

I have started my spring cleaning yesterday. A friend of mine made the arrangement for two Bangladeshi workers, hmmm...not indonesian maid, to help me this time.

I am quite happy with the their work, althought there are still plenty left for me to do.

They have help me to :

1. Clean grill, window, door...

2. Clean up the kitchen

3. Painting the car porch

4. Fixed the area in front of my house for parking.

5. Removing curtain for cleaning.

6. Clear rubbish from my store room.

7. Throw away the unwanted and old furnitures.

8. Move and re-arrange my furnitures.

etc.. etc.. etc..

I also have done most of my shopping like clothing, shoes, handbag, purse, bedsheet, curtain, decorative items, plants etc......... in December. So this year will definitely a no no rushing like before.

I am almost ready for Chinese New Year, How about you?

Friday, January 8, 2010


We had a gathering at my sister's home recently and at the same time to celebrate a special mommy's birthday.

We decided to have simple home cook food and the following are the food we prepared for the occasion:


Sweet Sour Prawn
Poppiah. This is the best poppiah I have tried so far.
Vegetable soup.
Fried Noodle and red eggs.
Steamed Garupa Fish.
Special Curry Chicken. Mixed Vegetable.
Vinegar Pig's Trotter with eggs.
Only few dishes but that was enough to keep a few of us busy the whole day.
That was really a very happy get together to wine, dine, chat, music, dancing.