Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sleepless Nights Make Me Crazy

I am feeling very upset for a few days now.

I couldn’t eat,
I couldn’t sleep,
I couldn’t study for my exam,
I couldn’t settle down my heart at all to do anything.

I need someone to talk to, but nobody have the time to listen to me. Everybody is busy that I really understand.

Anyway, I have to clear my head otherwise I will go crazy, so I made an appointment to see Inspector in USJ police station.

I told her why I am up set, sleepless, no concentration, worry, no appetite, etc… I should be seeing a doctor for that right, but different profession treat different sickness and I was sure I went to the right place. Only inspector can give me some clue to my worry and anger now.

To my surprise she lends her ears and I really thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Ok, let me tell you what I tell the inspector.

I told her I lost my laptop, my purse, 2 handbags, and cash in RM and Sing dollar, my Will, my EPF statement, Rolex watch, Gold chain, children’s game station, 2 hand phones, my son’s bag etc… to the recent break-in. I know you don’t feel the pinch, because it doesn’t prick you. Ha, that should be the way, I agreed with you.

I was away from 5.30 – 9.30 pm for dinner and came back found my back door open, and front window grill removed, front door tried but failed.

Something I couldn't’ understand is, the back lane is fence up with iron grill and with the security around, and there are still so many break-ins. And they don’t have to wait till mid night. It happened at about 9.00 pm, yes, that early.

My area is split up into paying and non paying residents. The paying residents are marks and non paying residents are unmarked. I am within unmarked group. I am now wondering whether the thief came to me because I am not paying or they really go at random. And who are those thieves? Which, lots of people tell me stories behind the break-ins. Now it is up to you to guess.

I SMS to inform a few committee and ask whether they are aware there are break in in USJ 11/4. All of them told me are 0 cases. Anyway one of the committee called me back and tells me I should join them. Ha, so they can guarantee there won’t be break-in again? Wao, that sound DANGEROUS to me.

I have made some suggestion to the Inspector regarding the G & G (Gated n Guarded) community. I am happy with the answer and happy about what she is going to do with my suggestion.

She also promised that she will ask the petrol to come into the gated area and not depend on the guards.

She said USJ6 area although not gated but with the petrol the crime has drop a lot which I totally agreed. Well, they are doing something, so why take law into your own hands when the police are there. Although they cannot be 100% also like the G & G but at least we don’t have to be caged in and with limited exit and entrance.

Ok, I felt so much better now, thanks for reading my grumbling.

Still no appetite. Just hope I can sleep like a baby tonight.