Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Think I Am Very Normal, How About You?

Everybody wants to stay beautiful, healthy and happy, but that is almost impossible for us to stay like that forever. We grow old, our hairs and teeth go missing one by one and there are ups and downs in life, and our bone strink, and wrinkle in the face, and.............

Anyway, I am not worried because it would be silly wasting time worrying for something which is not in my control. What I want to do now is to try the best I could to stay happy and healthy. Below is a simple check list to see if I am keeping myself well and to find out what are the areas need improvements:

1. Food is vital to keep me healthy, so, besides my proper meals, I also pop in some necessary Vitamins & supplements like : Calcium & Glucosamine to strengthen my bone, Vitamin E & Omega 3&6 to wash away the cholesterol, Vitamin C for my skin, B for slimming and relaxation ++++ Multi-vitamin just in case I missed out some essential vitamins in my diet. Mmm.. need to improve my cooking, so I have appetite to eat more.

2. I go for facial once every 2 months. Apart from that I also use a lot of protection for my skin days and nights, like toner, moisturizer, lotion for lifting, for whitening, for wrinkle, sun block etc, etc, etc ... Mmm .. need to boil some beauty sweet soup more often.

3. For exercise, I go jogging in the evening, line dance, gardening and singing (lung exercise, hehehe). Mmm... My garden is not getting better but worst. Need a gardener to help out.

4. I do prayer at home everyday, once in the morning and once in the evening if I have the time. Mmm.... Need to be more committed spiritually.
5. For Family life, I am not sure I am a good mother. For that I would like to leave it to my sons to rate me. Mmm...I would rate myself 6/10.

6. Job? I am a mother, a house maid with never ending house chores and a sole bread earner. Mmm... Need to increase my income. By the way, how many people are not as money face as me??
7. Social life? Mmm... Seriously need some adjustment and time management. I... NEED... MORE FRIENDS .....of same frequency!!!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

It Worked For Me!

I've found a cure for cough, sore throat and ulcer. I don’t know whether if it works on you but it does work for me like miracle.

I was always complaining that the doctor's medication couldn’t cure my cough. So, recently when I was having cough I decided not to waste my money to see a doctor because the last time I had a cough I consulted 2 doctors and the first doctor I went twice for medications. It was like paying for nothing or paying for more trouble because I ended up very weak, the medications make me lose my appetite.
For Cough:
Put some Red dates, pure honey, a cup of water in a steaming pot. Steam it for 2 hours and drink it.
For ulcer and sore throat:
I keep a cucumber in my fridge. Each time I feel my throat a little dry or feel like I am going to have sore throat, I will cut 3 or 4 slices of Japanese Cucumber and chew in my mouth. It is very sweet and crispy but I usually don’t take a lot because it may be too cooling for me.

It is simple as that and it works really well when I started to feel the symptoms.
For serious cases is still better to consult a doctor.